Green Building

Many builders are now offering more environmentally sensitive (Green) homes. These programs give builders the opportunity to have a positive effect on the health of the environment in the long run, but they also provide a more immediate affect: the opportunity for builders and homeowners to work together to create a very wildlife friendly landscape.

It is a common misconception, even among some builders, that “green” building is only concerned with energy efficiency. However, to achieve certification in most Green building programs, builders must earn points for fulfilling requirements in various environmental categories including water conservation, site preparation, indoor air quality (health), material selection and other factors. Any programs that cut down on wasted water and energy are going to improve things for humans and wildlife, but these changes are not immediate.

In some programs, however, many of the “other factors” involve changes to a landscape that result in a very wildlife friendly habitat. In fact, some programs specifically give points for creating or preserving wildlife habitat. Other programs give points for items such as Waterwise landscaping, native plant choices, Integrated Pest Management and limited turf areas – all factors that help contribute to a landscape that is beneficial to local wildlife. How much wildlife benefit a program provides varies greatly from program to program.

If you are having a new home built, please consider the option of building Green.

Resources for More Information About Green Building Programs

U.S. Green Building Council – Information about LEED certification

National Green Building Program - First published in 2005, the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines were written by a group of builders, researchers, environmental experts, and designers to provide guidance for builders engaged in or interested in green building products and practices for residential design, development, and construction.

Green Building Programs by State

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